nor’s practice spans photography, film, video, performance, text and spoken word poetry. Rooted in self-portraiture, nor engages with ideas of belonging and identity through frameworks such as gender performance, ethnographic portraits and the interweaving of transnational histories. She had her solo exhibition In Love at Coda Culture, Singapore (2018) and have also had her work shown at Ujeongguk (2020) and The Reference (2019) in Seoul, Korea; Kawanishi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2019) and Image Forum Festival, Tokyo, Japan (2019) among others. She has also exhibited in group exhibitions such as Waning, Waxing, ION Art Gallery, Deciphering Clothes: The Troublemakers’ Wardrobe, Hatch Art Project; and MAT, Objectifs (Singapore, 2018-2019)

nor is 1/2 of Messages2Her. Find out more about Charmaine here