Dear Reader,

Recent events got us rethinking about the functions of a digital platform today. Gaps in the current world have motivated further action. Various groups and individuals in our society have picked up agency in developing the framework for collective care and action.

Our current focus involves inviting the community to take ownership of our space and reflecting upon our highly politicised world. This brings about the question of how we as a publishing platform may provide more affordances thoughtfully. Through more generative discussions, we hope to play our part in sustaining allyships towards communities and movements even as we recover from the pandemic.

It is no doubt that livelihoods and emotional states have been affected by huge margins. We are working on how we can extend support through the platform and welcome your suggestions – drop us a message.

In the meantime, read our recently published discussions on the rigour involved in cultural production, mediation and publication-making, community building in the age of the pandemic and self-organised learning


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