Independent publication with a focus on interviews, essays and opinion pieces about conditions of the social environment, contemporary art and creative practices.

Since 2016, sand magazine has worked with writers who are invested in sharing narratives and resources alongside communities — including educational professionals, initiatives and groups.

The first issue of sand magazine was presented at Venice Biennale 2017 as part of a project organised by 朋 丁 pon ding (TW)  to showcase Asian publications. In 2018, the second issue launched at Taipei Art Book Fair and was distributed widely in the city thereafter.

Currently, the platform is focused on presenting research and text-based explorations on gender politics, social sciences and the arts carried out by writers, researchers, curators and creative practitioners in Singapore and regionally. 

Open to submissions from editors, writers, researchers, creative practitioners, curators, art organisers, etc. Accepted writing and presentations will be remunerated.

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